“Together, we’re empowering the small business community”

If your members or clients don’t have the time and adequate resources to properly create, manage and measure marketing campaigns across channels, you can now help with Empower!

Put a marketing team in the hand of your members or clients

We built the first AI-Based Digital Marketing Assistant for marketing to become: Simple, efficient and affordable. Now, you’re invited to be part of our fast-growing business community.

Grow recurring revenues

through our revenue share business model.

Add significant value

by giving access to a wealth of marketing services.

Gain strategic insights

on your clients by accessing consolidated users data.

Differentiate your offering

by providing clients or members with an innovative all-in-one marketing solution.

Enhance marketing & communication

by using co-branded or white-labeled expert content, perks and offers.

Improve retention

by taking part in clients or members’ mission-critical activities.

How the Digital Marketing Assistant works

We propose a truly exciting and user-friendly experience that gamifies marketing. Subscribers simply swipe cards regularly to get their marketing done.


Learns and adapts

The Digital Assistant scans the business environment and asks questions to increase performance and improve results.

Recommends the best course of action

The Digital Assistant is a marketing guru. It constantly looks for ways to optimize marketing investment and increase the visibility of the brand.

Manages marketing operations

The Marketing Assistant answers commands, request approvals, keeps users updated on project status, reminds them of important milestones, etc.

Keeps the user informed

The Digital Assistant provides insights on competitors, news from the industry, feedback from followers and much more.

Tracks results

The Digital Assistant keeps users posted on marketing results by providing key performance indicators on an ongoing basis.

Retains, organizes and secures all marketing assets

The Digital Assistant stores all marketing assets and creates a library that includes every image, content, logos and more.

Flexible Subscription Model

Your subscription includes

✓ Full access to the Empower platform (Web and Mobile)

✓ Monthly strategic meeting with your Success Manager ($125 Value)

✓ Newsletter Software (49$ Value)

✓ Access to our wealth of third-party apps (199$ Value)

✓ Access to a dedicated local team of experts on-demand

✓ Regular marketing recommendations

✓ Ongoing digital marketing analysis of your company

✓ New features added every month

+ Service plan

Trusted by small business owners across over 40 industries, since 2011

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We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience.

For more information about how cookies are used, please visit our privacy policy page.