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In the year of the pandemic, as societies everywhere were experiencing massive change, the world saw a whole new business landscape emerge. Online activity was skyrocketing to all-time highs. Those who were wise enough to leverage social media got to see their business thrive.

Engagement rates went up on all platforms, as people spent more time creating and consuming social media content than ever before.

Now there are nearly 4.5 billion people on social media in 2021. That’s more than 50% of the world population. In Canada, that proportion goes up to 83%, with social media being the number one activity among all North Americans.

Only a fool would deny it: the golden age of social media marketing is here.

“When done right, social media marketing works. It just does.”


When it comes to any digital marketing, one thing is always true: results are stronger when your efforts reach your audience organically. That’s something social media marketing excels at.

When people are leisurely looking at their feed, they expect funny, they expect cute, they expect touching. If you’re not giving them a pleasurable moment, they’ll be quick to scroll past your post, or, heaven forbid, unsubscribe.

Instead of disrupting their day with your ad, provide them with timely information, practical advice and, above all, entertainment. Make them feel your product is the post. They’ll associate your brand with good feelings. We call this approach inbound marketing.

A great way to do this is through a narrative. If your content tells an engaging story, chances are your audience will come back for seconds.


Here are the most common types of content you can incorporate in your marketing strategy:

“You don’t want customers. You want followers.”

Alright, so how do you do this social media marketing thing?

Well, a good place to start is try and know your audience, see which are their preferred platforms and then budget accordingly. Not every business should put the same amount of energy in all the same places.

Facebook and Instagram may be the safest bet for most, but maybe your niche has a very active Reddit community that could serve you better.
Social media marketing experts look at this from 4 angles:

Social media marketing experts look at this from 4 angles:

  1. Social media platforms have a personality. Which one fits your brand the best?
  2. Different platforms host different content formats. What exactly are you putting out there?
  3. Specific demographics flock to/avoid specific platforms. Where’s your audience?
  4. When it comes to levels of interaction, all platforms are not created equal. How much engagement do you want?


Now, let’s look at your options.

Opinions, quotes, short-form videos, polls, graphics, news sharing, live streams, ephemerals

With its ten-year tenure as the largest social media worldwide, a presence on Facebook will ensure you millions of potential eyeballs. However, it’s useful to know that its adoption by older generations has driven younger users away. Kids are increasingly opting out of the blue juggernaut in favor of, really, any other social media. Good social media marketing should factor that in.

Photography, visuals, short-form videos, ephemerals, live streams

IG is where the first migration from Facebook led to, and it shows. It’s where influencers were born, and it still has wind under its sails. People here are younger, hipper, prettier. They have taste and swagger, and so could your brand. With a well-crafted social media strategy of course.

Real-time communication, opinions, quotes, news sharing

This one is an oddball: its monthly active user number hasn’t gone up for the last few years, yet those who do use it log in multiple times daily. If you’re okay with trading broad reach for high engagement, it might be a good choice for your brand.

Business-oriented pieces, B2B news sharing

Specifically designed as a network for professionals, LinkedIn is a must-use for any brand that wants to do well in B2B. It’s also the perfect platform to post about your product offer and company culture. Even if your brand doesn’t do B2B, every social media marketing plan should do at least the bare minimum on LinkedIn.

Art, infographics, photography, numbers, lists, quotes

With dedicated Pinners often being cited as product discoverers, brand ambassadors, and trendsetters, Pinterest can work miracles for you, provided your visuals are strong. If your target audience is mostly adult women, or if your business has anything to do with creativeness, your social media marketing efforts shouldn’t pass on Pinterest.

Ephemerals, video-driven storytelling

As with Instagram or TikTok, marketing your brand here is a worthwhile endeavor if you want to reach younger users. Users go to Snapchat for personal communication and quick updates, so it’s a great way to keep in touch on the daily with selfie-style snippets.

Midsize and long-form videos (hot takes, product reviews, how-tos, tutorials, interviews)

It being the second most-used search engine, it’s easy to miss the social media aspect of YouTube at first glance. If you’re looking at making videos, building up a YouTube channel and using it as a social media marketing platform is the best thing you can do for your brand. No brand can afford to ignore a 2 billion daily active user pool.

Short-form videos (dance, music, entertainment, comedy)

With numbers consistently on the rise, TikTok has the fastest growth out there. Being the youngest of them all, it also appeals to the youngest. That means a business aimed at teens should think twice before skipping the TikTok craze when planning its social media strategy.

Ideas, questions and answers, images, videos

Reddit is a special beast. It is by far the largest social media in scope, with communities forming around the most specific niches of interests, yet brand are not using it as part of their social media marketing efforts. That’s because self-promotion is highly frowned upon here. You don’t do Reddit, Reddit does you. Still, a brand account that answers redditors’ questions without pushing its products will score valuable Reddit points, and gain ground over the competition.

Questions and answers

Posting on Quora is about getting relevant information to your audience. Although most users don’t spend time browsing the platform itself, well-thought answers are consulted and referenced by many. So carving a place for it in your social media marketing plan could be a clever move.


EMPOWER has undeniable expertise with giving brands a voice that resonates with the right audience, on the right platform.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Define your target audience
  • Select social media platforms
  • Develop brand persona
  • Pay attention to trends
  • Craft creative content
  • Stimulate interactions
  • Mix up formats
  • Monitor target audience’s response and refine

Get the EMPOWER treatment now. Sit back and watch as your social media community expands!


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