Content Marketing, Pulling Deception Out of Marketing

Stop shoving your product down everyone’s throat. Make them beg for it.


Are you one of those customers who think classic marketing always felt too pushy. I can’t blame you.

Still to this day, so many ads, even those that are supposed to be aimed at us, feel off. They talk down to us. They take us for idiot. Marketers may have brought traditional marketing over to the digital world, their approach still reeks of old, twentieth-century tactics.

And those won’t work on you.

That’s because you, and most younger audiences, see right through the smokescreen. When they show pretty people having the time of their life with a revolutionary new yogurt, what you see is a sad attempt at mass manipulation.

“This product will make you whole! – Buy 10 and get 1 for free! – Subscribe and you could win big!”

People don’t fall for gimmicks anymore. They know when they’re being marketed to.

“So then,” I hear you asking me, “what if I believe in my product and I want to sell it? How do I get people to buy?”

Content marketing is how. And it works (as shown in this study). Why? Because it ditches cheap tricks and builds on authenticity instead.


The idea behind content marketing is to stop trying so hard to sell something and start giving free information to your potential customers.

Content marketing is about creating and distributing content that’s relevant, valuable and consistent. That content will attract a specific audience, build their trust in your brand, make you a thought-leader, and will ultimately drive customer action.

It’s about providing your prospects with useful information, advice and solutions to their problems. Your goal is for your content marketing campaign to provide as much value to as much of your target audience as possible.

Get them to smile and nod when receiving your content. Get them to see you as an authority on a given subject.

They’ll then see any product or service coming from you as being worth their while.

Put the “content” in “content marketing”.
No one likes an empty meal.


Here are the most common types of content you can incorporate in your marketing strategy:

Of all content marketing strategies, this is the simplest to do, but not necessarily the easiest to pull off. When it comes to writing an article on a given subject, competition is fierce. Unless you have a very narrow field of expertise, there are plenty of other informational blogposts to contend with out there. You will need an angle that’s unique to you.

You work at marketing for a hotel chain? Try writing a travelogue that’s specifically designed to help travellers get the most out of their accommodations. Make sure to recommend local food joints and activities that are off the beaten track. Center your writing intention on the experience.

Infographics usually take complex data and ideas and distill them on a graph or chart. A decent-looking graph can potentially get quite a nice buzz on social media, especially if you’re working with previously unpublished data or organizing it in a new way.

Imagine you’re an outdoors buff at the helm of a regional park. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the usual info on camper behavior, hiking hazards, fire warnings and trail conditions could fit on a few clean, scrollable graphics? Content-marketing-oriented infographics. Do it first, do it best, put them on Pinterest and become a trusted resource for hikers everywhere!

Creating videos can seem daunting at first. We sometimes associate video production with high costs and complex logistics, but with the price of professional grade equipment being at an all-time low, it’s never been that easy to get a YouTube channel up and running. And quality video content marketing is a sure-fire way to attract attention.

Let’s say you own a bar. Instead of paying for outbound ads, just start a channel and have your best bartender give out mixology tips and secrets of the trade while making mouth-watering cocktails. Then watch as those views convert into walk-ins.

Even more so than videos, podcasts create an intimate link between you and your audience. Now your voice is in their ears, and you can be guiding them through your passion as they eat, commute, clean up the house, even as they sleep. All that you need to do is buy a good microphone and get your thoughts together.

So you know everything about graphic design? Prove it. Upload weekly. Discuss your favorite design-related topics. Meanwhile, make sure you talk about your podcast whenever you can. Don’t be surprised if after a few months, your listenership goes beyond natural word-to-mouth numbers and your inbox gets filled with job queries.

Definitely on the time-consuming end of the content marketing spectrum, writing a (good) book is not an easy task. Yet, once you have it on hand, it is one of the best marketing tools you can ask for. Anything you do is now done by the author of… and that’s always a big plus.

You’ve been in the cosmetic industry for long enough to know it all from formulations to pricing? Maybe you need to write a book about it. Share your insider’s perspective with an in-depth format and you’re now an authority on cosmetics. Selling your own makeup should be a piece of cake now!


You’ve created some solid content and it’s ready for release. The last step is to make sure it synergizes with everything else you’re doing. You need your launch to make a big splash.

Aside from creating the content itself, content marketing strategy is something EMPOWER’s experts have been known to knock out of the park.

Here are a few things we at EMPOWER can do for your content marketing needs:

  • Contract inspired creators who have knowledge of your industry
  • Look for what’s trending in your industry
  • Put in the time to better understand your business so your brand shows in the content
  • Carve out a niche or tone that does what the competition does not
  • Create unique pieces of content, tailored for your brand and adapted for its channel of deployment
  • Deploy within a thought-out strategy and timetable
  • Monitor how your prospects react to the content

Get the EMPOWER treatment now. Sit back and watch as customers flock to your brand on their own!


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