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Stay relevant by being responsive to your customer base.


According to a popular theory proposed by evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar, the main reason humans developed speech was to gossip. It would seem that sharing what we think about our peers is what has allowed us to maintain social coherence and coordinate in large groups to get where we are.

In short, society has never been about masonry and roadways. It’s about relationships, status, who’s a leader and who’s a liar. That’s all community is, a gossiping hivemind, and whoever leads the gossip leads the group.

Online communities were just bound to happen as soon as we got connected over the internet. Now every purchase, every subscription starts with checking in with our communities.

How often do you buy a product without any recommendation, either from a friend, a satisfied customer or an influencer? Be honest. Practically never, right? That’s because we trust a buyer more than a seller, who has way more skin in the game.

It’s always nice to look at a brand’s Instagram and find an enthusiastic community of fans and ambassadors. That’s a telltale sign of growth and success. You can be sure there’s some good community management happening behind the scenes.


As a brand, community management helps you keep tabs on public opinion, spark conversations and moderate your reputation.

So who exactly is your “community”? Where does it starts and where does it end?

Well, it’s basically everyone who interacts with or mentions your brand, or even your field of activity, online. That includes your current customers and your target audience, but also some people who might not have your best interest at heart. For those cases, you might need to look into reputation management, a branch of community management.

Obviously, social media is a big part of community management. Both brand-made and fan-made communities have a voice on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit and Quora. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The internet is not confined to social networks, and chances are there are a staggering amount of forum posts, article reviews and mentions of your brand in videos.

Whereas social media marketing is mainly a top-down operation, community management works at a much more personal scale. Think of it as taking part in online discussions about your field of activity and providing customer service.

A single bad review can snowball quickly online.
Without community management, you are at the mercy of the internet.


You might own a business, but you never really own your brand. It exists first and foremost in the minds of your community. It travels and refines itself through word-to-mouth, comment threads and screenshots, and you should be a part of that conversation.

By creating an engaging environment surrounding your brand, community managers play a vital role in establishing an ongoing dialogue that’s authentic between you and your prospects.

The benefits of strong community management are numerous.

  • It’s a great non-invasive technique to increase awareness of your brand and products.
  • It gives you a platform to show responsiveness and provide your customers with human assistance.
  • An active online presence can boost customer satisfaction and referrals.
  • As an active member of your community, you get to lead the conversation on your brand to some extent.
  • A discussion with community members may generate new, innovative ideas, which you can always collect and use.
  • By gathering testimonials and data, you gain valuable insight on your online community and their perception of your brand.


Community building and community management are key to addressing brand perception and supporting your inbound marketing strategy in the long run.

Here are a few community management services our EMPOWER experts provide:

  • Monitoring and tracking conversations related to your brand on all online platforms
  • Proactively engaging with communities and answering your customers’ questions
  • Moderating abusive participants and addressing customer complaints
  • Enhancing your customer base by turning them into true fans
  • Gathering valuable unfiltered feedback

Get the EMPOWER treatment now. Sit back and watch as customers become brand ambassadors!


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