Call Center Service, What You Need To Know

Getting in touch with your prospects; staying in touch with your customers.


No business is above customer support. Whatever industry you’ve chosen, prioritizing customer support is a must if you wish to succeed.

You need to be prepared to solve product issues, process payments and orders, answer questions about your products and subscription plans, accommodate difficult clients and manage complaints.

Add to that all the outgoing calls you might want to make, and it becomes obvious that call center services are a crucial part of any business.

Having a centralized department that handles all those calls for you allows you to stay focused on big picture matters. That way you can grow your business in new directions without neglecting your current customers.


Yes, you heard me.

It might not look like it in this new world of live chat, automated tech support tools and in-app channels, but the bulk of customer support is still done over the phone. In fact, this Zendesk report shows that over 50% of all customers typically use the phone to reach out to a company.

There are two main reasons for that:

  1. The human factor
    Most people hate it when they feel that they’re talking to a machine. For many, getting a real person on the line is the best way to get their point across. Contrary to auto-attendants, bots and even live chat agents, call center agents can deduce a lot from the caller’s voice and tone. They can read their emotions and zero in on their intent, avoiding miscommunications and making the call a more enjoyable experience. In keeping with this mindset, the best call center will have their agents address the customer by their name and engage in a heartfelt conversation rather than have them follow a prewritten script to the letter.
  2. Not everyone likes an app
    Apart from those who prefer hearing a human voice, there are some who simply have a harder time navigating the digital world. The elderly, people with a disability, digital abstainers and less tech-savvy individuals are all demographics that might need your product, and the best way to make your business available to them is still by phone.


Inbound Call Center Service

In an inbound call center, agents receive calls from customers who require assistance. They might be experiencing an issue with your product or want an explanation about a surge in their monthly invoice. Maybe they’re thinking about changing to a different plan, or they’re looking for an information they can’t find on your website.
What do all these have in common? A customer has an issue they want you to solve. And the more efficient your call center agents, the more customer issues can be solved and the happier your clientele.
Since the amount of work is highly dependent on the number of customer calls, inbound call centers need to handle high caller volumes during peaks—daily, seasonal, or related to a specific promotion or media coverage—, while avoiding long periods of downtime for their agents whenever inflow is low.

Outbound Call Center Service
Outbound call centers are set on reaching out to people. Most of the time, the main goal is to attract prospective customers, as agents basically double as sales and marketing reps. Agents can be tasked with all sorts of calls, ranging from telemarketing to debt collection, lead generation, fundraising, market research, appointments and customer surveys.
That’s an awful lot of work for a one-agent operation, let alone an executive who has bigger fish to fry. With outbound phone support being so labor-intensive, and quite expensive, it’s only natural that small businesses often consider outsourcing their outbound calls.


There’s only so many hours in a day.
As a business leader, is your time really best spent on the phone?


Some choose to hire or train customer service employees in-house, but for those who prefer to leave it to the pros, outsourcing to a call center service provider is a great option.

Dedicated call centers are used by businesses of all scales, from Fortune 500 companies who want a stable system designed to manage high call volumes, to small businesses who can’t afford to appoint staff members to that task.

Here’s what you can expect from any call center service worth your salt.

  1. Your life will get simpler
    Handling your customer service in-house can be quite a hassle. When a call center service takes care of it for you, suddenly your time and energy can be spent on more pressing matters.

  2. You’ll save a fortune in costs
    Call centers divide the inflow of calls from all their client among their workforce, which negates the fluctuating nature of inbound calls.

  3. You’ll benefit from the most efficient tools
    Advanced call center technologies can help prioritize incoming calls based on urgency and customer status, organize follow-up calls, and optimize turnaround times.

  4. You’ll be represented by trained professionals
    Your agent’s voice is the voice of your brand. That’s why you want to hire professionals who know how to gauge customer needs, treat them with respect and present your product in its best light.
  1. You’ll increase your sales and win back lost customers
    Call center services can help with sales, whether you task them with a telemarketing campaign, with convincing your current customers to try a new product or with conducting a customer retrieval campaign based on survey results.

  2. You’ll never miss a call
    Unanswered calls are the bane of any business. A call center service provider with a large pool of agents and round-the-clock service is the best way to never miss a call.

  3. You’ll be able to diversify your audience
    As it grows, your products might be attracting attention from a wide range of customers. Call center services can offer interesting advantages for an international expansion, such as quick response across different time zones and multilingual support in a variety of different languages.

We at EMPOWER can make all the above happen for you, plus:

  • Prepare call center targeting strategies based on data and analytics
  • Develop call center scripts
  • Offer a trigger-based call center service
  • Integrate voice into a global multichannel strategy

Get the EMPOWER treatment now. Sit back and watch as we handle your calls!


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