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Most concepts in marketing can be easily boiled down to numbers. Leads, ad cost v. revenue, KPIs…

And then there’s “branding”, a notion that, by its elusive nature, baffles many. That’s because most of us don’t really know what a brand is in the first place.

A brand is not an organization (say, Apple), nor is it a product (the iPhone in your hand). It’s all the ideas people have in mind when they think about the organization or the product (freedom, youth, difference, simplicity, creative).

For a brand to be strong, those ideas need not only to remind us of the product’s desirable physical features (it has a great camera), but more importantly they need to resonate emotionally with the consumer (it makes me feel free, young, etc.)

Branding a company or product means giving it its unique design, its look, its voice. Its identity.

“Marketing without a well-defined brand is like building a house without blueprints.” 


So, you have a product that’s ready to ship? Well, slow down there, pal.

Is it aligned with a clear branding?

Considering the countless other options your prospects will encounter. You can’t afford to just phone it in. Brand consistency has been shown to increase revenue by 33%, so you need to make sure the product’s name, design, slogan, logo, color palette, visual identity and messages are all in line with a powerful vibration.

Choosing that vibration requires an investigative process into the heart of who you and your customers are, what your business does, how does it do it and why. Altogether, you’re looking at a full psychoanalysis of your business. Daunting, isn’t it?

Fortunately for you, there are a few techniques on how to probe your business’ psyche and unravel the brand inside, most prominently the use of personality archetypes.


Here are the most common types of content you can incorporate in your marketing strategy:

Brand identity is more discovery than it is decision. The best methodologies will assemble a team of laypeople and experts alike, present them with designs and creative orientations and ask them to look deep inside and tell you what they’re feeling.

From their emotional responses, your branding expert will derive your brand’s personality, most often as some variation on the 12 classic Jungian archetypes.

The founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, posited that all humankind’s psychology boils down to trying to differentiate the self out of the many. Differences in individuality shape the lens with which we make sense out of life. At the end of the day, all individualities can be grouped into the 12 universal mental images, or archetypes, commonly used in branding.

Here’s a sneak peek into those major archetypes.

In their effort to provide structure to the world,

1. the Caregiver puts themself in service of others;
2. the Ruler controls their realm;
3. the Creator innovates.

In their pursuit of a higher meaning,
4. the Innocent strives for safety;
5. the Sage aspires to understanding everything;
6. the Explorer wanders with freedom.

In their attempt to leave a mark,
7. the Rebel liberates the world from its oppressors;
8. the Magician envisions new realities;
9. the Hero develops mastery and fights the good fight.

In their will to connect with others,
10. the Lover builds intimate relationships;
11. the Jester provides entertainment to all;
12. the Everyman seeks and creates belonging.


With an archetype in mind, as well as other defining brand traits such as target customer, social mission and product features, a brand identity is formed. With consistency guidelines in place, the identity now permeates every branding and design decision, from color schemes to wording.

Once products are out on the market, seeing their logo in the wild should bring the brand identity to mind and conjure up emotions.

Good branding is about crafting this response. It’s about making sure you’re conjuring just the right emotions and appealing to your target audience, while signaling to the rest what it is they’re miss out on.

At EMPOWER, we know how vital branding and design are. We strongly believe any marketing plan should start with how it aligns with the chosen branding.

Here are a few branding and design services our experts can do for you:

  • Conduct interviews in search for the perfect brand
  • Craft the brand most-suited to your business or product
  • Design brand-informed visuals
  • Compose written content that aligns with your brand
  • Create digital advertising material and online graphic elements for your brand
  • Mock up a website that’s optimized for your brand

Get the EMPOWER treatment now. Sit back and watch as we make your brand into a household name!


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