Digital Marketing Strategists

EMPOWER’s team includes a group of experienced digital marketing strategists responsible for developing your brand’s objectives. Leveraging their experience, consumer insights and data they effectively spot trends and technologies that play key roles in the lives of your targeted online consumers. Their extensive knowledge of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies allow them to expertly market your brand online.

Project Managers

EMPOWER’s project managers specialize in planning, managing, and executing digital marketing campaign projects. By identifying, planning and scheduling the tasks required to complete your digital marketing campaign, our project managers can strategically delegate those tasks to the appropriate EMPOWER team members. They effectively turn the vision of our digital marketing strategists into your reality.


EMPOWER’s copywriters will bring new life to the promotional material found in your digital advertising campaigns. They can take charge of your web content, emails, catalogues, and other online ads, specifically tailoring each item for your business requirements while captivating your audience.


EMPOWER’s translators can accurately translate to most languages your marketing campaigns, optimizing the result for digital media. Whether for spoken or written material, their years of multilingual experience and skill will ensure your content reaches its target audience in the right language.


EMPOWER’s graphic designers expertly communicate visual concepts that inspire and captivate target consumers. Their skills include developing the overall layout and production designs for websites, videos, online magazines, and other digital ads. Their creativity and technical skills allow them to make any improvement needed to visually make you stand out from the competition.

Video Producers 

EMPOWER’s video producers are masters at custom video productions targeting all digital marketing needs. They’ll take charge of the entire video production process, including scripting, logistics organization and creative direction. Online videos can give a behind-the-scenes look at your business, reveal a new product during a launch, or inform customers of what your brand is all about.

Web Programmers

EMPOWER’s web programmers have experience with a variety of programming languages and CMS’. Whether you need a classic e-commerce site or highly customized functionality, the focus will always be on great brand experience increased conversion rates.

Social Media Specialists

EMPOWER’s social media specialists are experts at managing media profiles that captivate target audiences on all social channels: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Their goal is to maximize your digital marketing efforts by increasing brand awareness and boosting sales.

Community Managers

EMPOWER’s community managers are masters at engaging with your business’ online community to increase brand awareness. They participate in online discussions, find new customers, and engage with your current ones to develop your online community. These managers are the faces of your brand and make sure it remains inviting to keep your customers loyal.

Paid Media Specialist 

EMPOWER’s online advertisers conduct market research, collaborate with sales and design teams and enforce a consistent brand voice to create targeted ad campaigns for your digital marketing needs. By monitoring the performance of your marketing campaigns, our advertisers can make informed decisions about future campaigns and accurately measure your return on investment.

SEO Experts

EMPOWER’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts are specialists at analyzing, reviewing and implementing changes to your business’ website to optimize it for search engines. This ensures your website and products are easier to find by your customers and that your site ranks well. Our experts regularly test and implement various search engine marketing techniques that maximize online traffic.

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We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience.

For more information about how cookies are used, please visit our privacy policy page.